Robyn Miller

A keen and abiding interest in language, literacy and child development has led me on an unusual career path.  I am a speech language pathologist with many years experience working with children in a variety of settings. I have worked extensively with children with speech and language impairment, and with children with disorders of literacy. As mother of three daughters, and during my practice as a speech pathologist, I became increasingly intrigued by children’s intellectual, social and emotional development.

While living overseas I took the opportunity to begin studies in psychology. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology externally through the University of Southern Queensland. On my return to Australia I completed an Honours degree in Psychology at the University of Queensland.  My studies then led to a Masters of Psychology (Educational and Developmental) at Queensland University of Technology.

The combination of clinical skills in speech pathology and psychology allows me to bring a unique set of skills to assessment and intervention with children. In particular I bring a strong understanding of the relationship between language and cognition, and their shared and separate influence on development. In my clinical practice as a psychologist I am particularly interested in the development of self-regulation in children and the impact of regulatory skills, attention and memory on learning. My own experience of parenting has highlighted the importance of involving home and school in supporting children. In therapy I am excited by the challenge of using the principles of practice to develop creative solutions that are relevant to children, families and schools.

I am currently working as a locum psychologist in a large independent school. As well as direct intervention with children, I am also keenly interested in professional development for teachers and education programs for parents.


Referral Network and Integration of Services

Professionals within Learning & Development for Children have established strong networks with experienced learning support teachers and allied health professionals for referrals for remedial tuition, occupational or physiotherapy support as required.

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