Annette Jacobs
Annette Jacobs - Speech Language Pathologist

I am a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP). My particular professional field of experience has centred around children’s language and literacy disorders and difficulties. This broad area has been of long-standing professional interest and I have honed my 18+ years of clinical experience to concentrate on language disorders, Specific Language Impairment (SLI), and dyslexia in educational contexts.

For many years, I worked in specialised educational services with teams of professionals from varied disciplines, mainly in Brisbane, but also in the United Kingdom. My roles involved offering a range of support services including diagnostic assessment and treatment of language/literacy disorders, and consultative support services for educational personnel across the three educational sectors throughout Queensland. Supporting parents and teachers in their understanding and fostering of the language and academic achievement of children with SLI has been a particularly satisfying aspect of my work.

With my colleagues I have also produced and delivered many educationally relevant seminars and workshops, presenting throughout Queensland over a number of years, at the 2006 National Conference for Teachers, and at SPELD (Qld) in 2010. Offering informative and highly practical professional development for teachers and parent information workshops continues to be an area I pursue.

I have worked closely with Deberea for a number of years, both as part of Learning & Development for Children, and in other private capacities. Our mutual passion for working with children and our ability to dovetail support from our respective professions has enhanced the outcomes for our clients, as well as our own professional growth.

At the present time I have a young family and have largely stepped back from full-time work. I continue to work with Deberea at Learning & Development for Children in offering consultative school visit support services to discuss appropriate educational adjustments and modifications to curriculum with educational teams, and in developing professional development and parent workshops. To continue my currency in clinical practice I also operate a very small clinical practice in my local area.

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